Saturday, June 14, 2008

Privet & Honeysuckle

Journaled on May 29, 2008.

"Looking at my desk in the corner, next to the open door to the side yard, where the mixed scent of honeysuckle and privet is almost too strong to breathe in, my little space enclosed on three sides by shelves of books. A Mother's Day card from my children, chosen by my granddaughter Vicki, that plays "I Just Came For the Party" when opened, is proudly displayed on a shelf, and a plastic long-stemmed rose sticks in a hole on top of my monitor. Darling husband placed it there for me to look at when I work.

The calendar on the wall, closeups of flowers for each month, from my granddaughter Jesi.

The tote I won at the scrapbook retreat, filled with pictures to crop, a pen with a flower on top, trinkets, tools, adornments for my album pages. Life is good."


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