Saturday, June 14, 2008

Story Circle Network

From the Story Circle Network, National E-Letter, June 2008, Joyce Boatright writes:

"Spiritual memoirs are about those experiences that cause us to breathe quicker or slower or deeper, or to catch or to hold our breath--we inhale and recount our soul journey in acts of self-discovery.

Exploring our faith means recollecting and reflecting about our spiritual growth from our battles of faith and the lessons we learned--about our victories, our convictions, and God's grace...Sharing our trials and tribulations is an important part of our testimony. By writing our soul journey, we create our own personal parables, story by story."

I absolutely love this quote. It speaks everything I feel about writing the stories of my memories and God's grace, my testimony.

This one segment of writing above by Ms. Boatright has convinced me to join the Story Circle Network.


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