Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Inspiration

The Lovely Fountain on the Square in Cincinnati

I wish I could say I've been on Sabbatical. I wish. Since July, life has been major ups and downs for us. I'm still standing, though. And I'm finally getting energized and renewed. There's so much going on now that's positive.

First, though, and BIG!! The election is over. Finally. Now, maybe, we can move forward as a nation and start cleaning up stuff that needs to be put in order. We can do it. We're America. That's part of my renewed energy today. I'm a Christian American, and life is good.
Something else Big. Received word that my story for Gifts II will be published in early 2009. More on that soon.

Fall always brings energy and renewal to my sunburned spirit. Fall reminds me of going back to school, football games, and dances after the games in Cincinnati, where I grew up. The Catholic school I attended had a fall festival every year, and when I was old enough I got to work in the bingo booth. I got a nifty little cloth apron to wear with pockets for the little, round bingo covers, and the money I collected, and made change for. My dad worked at the festival, in the beer booth. Because he ran the church's bowling alley which was downstairs from the school. And the bowling alley served beer. Draught beer. So the festival always had a beer booth, and Dad was in charge of that.

Recently we went up to Cincy for the annual Oktoberfest celebration, and so many of those old memories came flooding back.

It was a fun celebration, and we had an awesome time. My brother had emailed me pictures of our old church, St. George in the University Heights area, after being damaged by a fire. Eerie.

This is St. George before the fire.

And here it is with one of the crosses alfame.


... and finally a picture of me and my brother, Bob, in front of our old Cincinnati house.


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