Thursday, July 23, 2009

Notebook Journals

Above, the "concertina" journal I created last year. Ignore the 2004 date. My camera reset and I just haven't cropped these photos for some reason. Busy maybe? This journal was the most complicated because it's stitched using an awl and fiber with a BIG needle. It has pockets which are handy, and I glued a calendar to the front. Then I used some of scrapbook "stash" to doll it up.

In Memories in Order, I talk about using a notebook or journal to keep up with what you will be learning as well as to capture those thoughts, ideas, and memories that just flash into your brain and just as quickly disappear.

I carry a small notebook in my bag when I'm out and about. It's a "Moleskine," sold usually at stationery and book stores. Mine's black and has a black ribbon bookmark and an elastic holder to keep it closed.

I also have a decorated journal I keep on my bedside table, similar to the Moleskine, but red bookcloth, and larger, 5 x 7 inches. I used my scrapbooking products to express myself in making the red cover beautiful and creative.

Before that, I had one of those composition books you can buy when school sales are going on, like right now, sometimes for as low as 10 cents a piece. I also decorated the cover of that one too.

One of my scrapbook "sisters" gave me this comp book, and I used some of the other embellishments to decorate it. Even made a pocket for my scissors. You can see the little "B" charm hanging from the scissors. No more wondering whose they are now.

I've heard a few people say they have a hard time writing in a beautiful journal because they don't want to ruin it, or they think it calls for beautiful writing. Maybe if I paid an exhorbitant amount for the book, it would stifle my creativity, but none of mine are expensive, so I get more creativity and inspiration for my writing by looking at their beauty. On the cover of my current red journal I have a transparent stick-on, "Live, Laugh, Love," so at the close of the day, when I pick it up, that's what I see, and it inspires me.

Two of my customers a few years ago made scrapbooks from such journals with unlined pages, where they adhered photos, decorative paper and other embellishments, and their own handwriting. They had even adhered some 3-D items like silk flowers, momentos, "chunky" scrapbooks known in the industry. Oh, the covers didn't lie flat. They were prettty chunky. But they were inspirational.

That inspired me, and I began putting some things like pictures from magazines on my pages and stickers from my collection, maybe a photo or two if I didn't need it for my family scrapbook. It's quite fun. You can draw or sketch in these too if you have unlined pages. I saw a Moleskine last summer that a man had created while he toured Rome. He must have been an artist becauss his pen and ink drawings were beautiful. I can't draw, but I can kind of sketch.

At any rate, I call these "Notebook Journals," because they're double-duty. You can just journal about your day, take notes, especially when you're out shopping. You can make a grocery list or menu on the go, or if you're caught waiting somewhere. When I'm browsing bookstores, which is where you'll find me if there's one close to me, I'll write down titles I want and then see if the library has them before I buy.

Since I don't like to carry a big planner anymore, I've glued a small calendar to the inside cover of some of my Notebook Journals. Now I keep my datebook on my cell phone, but it's still nice to see it on paper while you're using your Notebook Journal.

For a while I had a 5 x 7 inch, 3-ring binder which held my whole life behind dividers: Menus, to-do lists, goals, book list, monthly and weekly calendars, address book, client list, notes. It was too much. But I still keep it on my desk and now have a section for websites with logins and passwords. There's just no need to carry it around, but I do take it if I'm traveling.

I also like to make travel journals. To the left is one I created using a comp book. Inside I have pockets I made from cardstock for maps, tickets, receipts, etc. I wrote directions for places we wanted to visit and journaled along the way. A good keepsake.

My "button" journal.

On the right is the "star" album I created totally from scrapbook paper and ribbon.

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