Friday, September 11, 2009

My ScrapMoir Article

My story, "My Mother's Upstairs One-Egg Cake," just appeared yesterday on Women's Memoirs in their ScrapMoir section.

Additionally, I'll be a permanent guest blogger twice a month, teaching how to use scrapbooking and memoir to tell our precious stories, including current stories of your children and grandchildren who are still young and you are seeing and hearing the stories now! Don't worry if you think your handwriting is awful. I have solutions. If you think you're not creative, that's even better. If you have pictures, this is for you. If you have stories without pictures, it's for you too. No one is excluded.


Here's a good story for my scrapbook.

Jeff's graduation from high school.

If you figure in that Jeff started early intervention at Vanderbilt's Susan Gray School when he was five weeks old, we think he has earned at least a doctorate in "A Life in School."

What a kid.

He may be attending Tennessee Vocational School, which is a residential program, or he may work with his Dad. He liked the school when we toured it recently, but he sure loves working with Dad too, and he's certainly learning day-by-day. He can now screw in switchplates to walls and hammer better than he did.


I'm adding more people to my newsletter and am currently working on the next installment, which will focus on writing family stories for scrapbooks and journals. Be sure to click on the box here on this site to be added to the list. You'll also be notified of current news goings-on in the industry as well as updates on my book. When it's finished, my email list will receive a discount plus other freebies.


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