Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Some days back, when I was younger, when a person was experiencing hard circumstances or "down" times, they would say, "I'm going through changes."

That said it all.

You didn't ask anymore.  That explained their mood.  Their behavior.  The funk.  The quiet.

Sometimes creativity made its way through where you'd least expect it.  That's how blues musicians are born. 

Today, the day before The Feast, Thanksgiving, I am thankful for not only the good that I've been blessed with so abundantly but also for the hard and the rough, because sometimes that's what shapes you, makes you stronger, and occasionally births in you a new song.

Today is the day for bread baking and pie making for me, among other chores which have already been started early this morning.  I've been sick this month and have not, as yet, to know why.  Guess it's one of those modern designer "virus" categories they just dump everything into that cann't be explained.

That aside, I'm glad I feel better today to cook...and if I'm lucky tomorrow to eat as well.  Throughout the last two months -- when I just wasn't up to posting -- I've learned new things about myself:

~~  If I'm depressed, my body will react in whatever way it can to let me know

~~  I must examine my life to see what is causing the uneasy feelings in me

~~  An absence of feeding my physical as well as my spiritual self will make me sick

~~  Love does not mean you have to give yourself away

~~  I give myself away when I give up my solitude and peace


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