Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Thanksgiving Gift

While I've been laying around, not feeling well  -- after I got tired of too much TV -- I decided to make a little holiday book to chronicle my journey through the days from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  Actually, I have a big 12" Christmas Album I keep up with every year, but this little one will only hold one photo at most on the page.  Most of the page is for writing -- kind of a diary or journal of the holiday season.  I thought I'd share this with you today, my gift to you, for Thanksgiving.  It would also make a cute predecorated gift for someone special.

I used one of my Creative Memories' 8x8-inch books which is actually laveder (certain ones are the leatherette & this is one of those), but matched real nicely the big snowflake diecut sticker.  I also put an autumn leaf on the front since I'm started in November and a title diecut "Holidays 2009."

The kay to this album is to pre-decorate it, so you can just snap a photo and stick it in along he way or jot down a few words -- maybe your shopping list or to-do's.

These are my Autumn pages leading up to the Christmas Countdown section of this album. 
I love my page about the woods on our property, so I wrote about how I feel, especially this time of year, walking down the paths, and seeing all the beautiful colors.  Just Nature!  I so love Nature.  I wrote a little note on the page with the scarecrow about a small handmade book Jeff and I created.  We had so much fund doing it together, and he got a chance to WRITE.  In case you're wondering who the young couple kissing is, it's me and my handsome man the evening we got married.  I wrote around the circle-cropped photo that he is what I am most grateful for.

I was so upset that my silver gel pen dried out.  How perfect would that have been to journal of this page about polishing the silverware for Thanksgiving.  I cropped a tiny square photo of my silverware chest and notice that I also need to polish the wood.  It looks so tacky!  I love the "Tradtions" paper I found.  Heck, I just love tradition.        

The list "Remember" on the page with the apron is the layout before Thanksgiving Day.  That's where I wrote about polishing the silver and in big stick-on letters "WHOLE FOODS."  That's the grocery store in Nashville I have to shop at for non-allergic foods for Jeff...and sometimes for myself.  I love The Whole Foods Grocery. 

My Thanksgiving page.  I love the deer and the pine tree.  Just like our farm.  I will put a photo of the dinner gang here tomorrow and write something.
The Countdownn to Christmas begins, and there is Day 1 with a December calendar I cut from a sheet of scrapbook paper. 

December 2.  I used a lacy overlay on this and a hang tag tied with furry yarn.
These are all of them so far. I'm working on December 5 and 6 now...well, after getting my bread in the breadmaker and pie in the oven. December 6th is the Feast of St. Nicholas, who comes on the night of the 5th and fills all the good lttle boys' and girls' stockings. I've always celebrated St. Nick's. Now my daughter keeps the tradition as well for her family. Like I said, it's all about tradition.

You may be wondering where I'm getting alll these awesome ideas.  Stacy Julian's The Big Picture.  I've taken several of her online classes now, read The Big Picture book and have ordered Photo Freedom.  As soon as she announced the 2010 Library of Photos Class (LOM), I'm signing up.  I've already started using her techniques in organizing my photos.  Of course, like everything, I've put my own spin on it.  And I do love my CM products.  

Speaking of gotta see the little Snow Maker and  Snowflake Maker!   Also new is the Scalloped Circle Maker and Stardust Border Maker. 

And of course I love my albums.  I just wish I hadn't used every color of the rainbow when they came out.  I loved the look my niece had with all CM old black leather Masterpiece Albums on a shelf.  Why didn't I do that?  Of course, now there is the PicFolio Max in black leatherette and the PicFolio Milestones, but neither of these exactly match my needs.  At any rate, I'll be ordering a new blackk Max Coverset that I can insert refills in.  It's gettinng closer to the look I want. 

For my "Category Boxes," I'm using four Mini Power Sorts stacked two-up on my shelves. 

And, of course, I have the "Big Box," the regular Power Sort, which is my Cold Storage. 

Honestly, the little photo book Jeff and I put together one day last week was so fast and easy BECAUSE I was using my PowerSort -- the big square one -- for what Stacy calls "cold storage."  I just didn't realize that's what I was using it for.  I'd already scrapbooked most of my photos -- all the years up through 2007, so I just kept all the ones left over in my PS.  In my Mini PS I  put freshly printed photos for scrapbooking.

When I pulled all those cool little photos out for Jeff for his book, I "got it."  I figured out The Big Picture.  It's not about chronology all the time.  Sometimes it is, but sometimes it's so not.  And when it's not, you don't feel "behind."  You can rest assured your lifetime of memories are all filed behind their tabs exactly where you will always be able to find them.  And even more importantly, you can even put them into albums when and how you feel like it. 

On Jeff's next birthday, I might put a few photos of him as a baby and growing up over the years, instead of the usual every photo of his party that isn't blurry going on a multi-page layout. 

This is just the coolest thing. 

Do yourself a favor -- or give yourself a Christmas gift or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa gift, birthday or just for-no-reason-at-all gift, and get the book Photo Freedom or the prequel The Big Picture.  And have more scrapbooking fun than ever.

Signing off for now.


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