Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 in Review

The year will soon be spent, and my pictures, as I went through them this morning, tell my story.  My pictures always tell the year's highlights.  That's pretty cool.

My story, Paving Roads, whch was about our son Jeff was published in Gifts 2 by Woodbine House.  Opening that package when it finally arrived was awesome, for all of us. 

Jeff also graduated from high school in May, a big achievement and cause for family celebration.

                                                         Jeff and older brother, Eric.

Graduation gift from me -- Trip to Florida.  Just the two of us.  We ended up missing Dad terribly.  But we had fun.

ScrapMoir How To #4: Holiday Scrapbooking, Writing, & Remembering

I became a bimonthly writer/blogger for  I post photos and write about what I do as a scrapbooker and memoirist working on my family history story for the future generations. 

New Family Members

One night a Kittie Mama carried, one by one,
tiny little babies down from our roof.  She apparently
gave birth and was taking care of them in our attic.
Gary brought them in to me one at a time.  They were
so tiny they fit in the palm of his hand.  From Left:
Malcolm, Matthew (Mattie), and Sidney with blue eyes.

Mama is a feral, as many cats out here are, and Gary decided we would socialize the kittens so that we would be able to get them to the vet for neutering when it was time and when they got sick.  It's nearly impossible sometimes to catch a feral cat.  Recently, he was finally able to catch Kittie Mama and get her to the vet for spaying, so she will not have more kitties.

From the night the three little boys came into the house, it's been a cicrcus, with four dogs already inside.  So you can only imagine.  I've never understood how people just toss animals out on the sides of roads...or bring them out here to farm land where they figure we will not turn them away.  And, of course, they're right.  Farm people have big hearts.  We care for the land, the environment, and all living things.  You don't have to be perfect to live here on our farm. 

The Kitties Grow

Book Kittie Malcolm

PC Writer Kittie Mattie

I Got Back to My Roots at Cincinnati Oktoberfest '09

The old neighborhood, Clifton.  Across the street from Grandma's old apartment

Downtown for the Celebration with Jeff, who wants to remain anonymous.  Wow, my Florida tan still looks pretty good.

Old St. George, sign in front of priests' rectory.  My whole life for years was entwined in St. George school and church.  Love the "great good place" wording.

My Annual ScrapShare Scrapbook Retreat

My space, working on a page showing my first writing retreat in 2007.  I save everything of course.

The whole group -- in our shirts and pink boas.  We ARE scrapbook divas!
I'm in the back, the last full row, third from left.


Not everything in a year is good or fun.  We all realize that.  The fact is that I spent a week in the hospital, and that definitely was not fun.  We moved from the big old house we lived in for 17 years up the road to our smaller rental house, where we first lived when we got married and where Jeff was born, when our renters moved out.  The work it still needs is incredible, and Gary will eventually get it finished.  A priority for 2010 is getting the big old house ready for renting.  A big job.

We've been to some funerals.  Some of the very old neighbors have passed away.  A friend, Charlene Frey, who wasn't so old. 

The recession kept going and managed to start touching us with its long reaching tentacles.  Economizing has become the byword for the country we live in.

Jeff voted for the first time in the presidential election.  I wish I had a photo of that.  We saw a first that night on TV, all three of us sitting on the couch.  A black president winning the vote.  Watching history is solemn to me. 

Overall, we consider ourselves incredibly blessed.

Now I have to work on my December 31st ScrapMoir for  Be sure to visit there New Year's Eve for a good start to a new year, something to excite you about working on your memories in 2010, even if you don't think you have any events worthwhile to write about or take pictures of.

See you in 2010.  Merry Christmas.


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