Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Freebies Everywhere

I've cruised the net for you in search of free stuff, and there is much out there.  The above link to Ella offers a free sampler ebook with professional photography tips, a digital tutorial, three free journaling quizzes, complete instructions for a darling home-decor project, a creativity exercise, a time-saving sketch, and lots of fantastic layout ideas accompanied by expert tips and advice.  Look at the other ebooks there, and you'll see another free one about design.

Next, and you will love this.  I know I did.  Flutterbyes by Leora Sanford  -- Flutterflies.

These are exceptionally beautiful, little butterflies that you can use in your digital scrapping, or you can print them out on cardstock and adhere them to your pages-- hybrid style. 
Then also download, while you're there the free package "LS-Lovely." 

Get it Scrapped has become one of my favorite sites of all.  The free classses I posted just recently, free sketches, and currently she has writtenn an in-depth tutorial about journaling your "story."  Not just journaling the descriptives, like "This is when Junior got the award at school."  This is story-telling.  How to Write a Slice-of-Life Story for Your Scrapbook Journaling.  This is what true scrapbooking is about.

At Scrapbook & Cards Today you can download the new Spring Issue 

This is one I love a lot-- A Year of Tags by Cathy Zielske. 

Check for other freebies on Cathy Z's site.

That's enough for now, though I have a ton left to go.  Check back and I'll keep giving 'em to you.  Over and out.


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