Friday, March 26, 2010

Where Are Your Spaces?

This week my blog on Women's Memoirs was about the Sense of Place, and I wrote about the places that have shaped me and which I've called home.  I showed three layouts from my scrapbooks that depict those places, explaining why each place will always live in my heart and soul.

I got to thinking afterwards that I have several places in my home which also provide a "sense of place," or maybe "space" is a better word.  Places in the house I live in where I think, dream, create, rest, and plan.  I realize that some of you may not be as fortunate.  You might have small children, and I remember those years where my space was in the bathroom with the door locked and little fists knocking against it yelling, "Mama, are you in there?" 

Everyone doesn't have a large home like I do--but I have to tell you it takes longer to clean.  I remember the small houses I lived in with the children.  Every room was used for a purpose.  Maybe a laundry room?  I once heard a young mom scrapbooker say she used he top of her dryer to work on, mainly because her toddlers couldn't reach that high. 

One of my last scrap spaces was in my bedroom, on my bed, with my supplies piled up next to it.  I wouldn't suggest this is you have a water bed.  I found that something that provides a hard surface for cutting underneath your mat is a must.  Finding a square of wood isn't too hard.  Then there are those lap desks they sell at bookstores usually.  I found a bed tray for sick people that worked.  The one I have even has slots on each side for magazines, newspapers, etc.  Great for your stash of paper and embellishments.  I bought this originally for my mother-in-law when she was confined to bed before she died.

You can organize your materials under your bed if necessary, though I had a scrapbooking rolling bag from CM, since I'm a consultant.  I parked it in an empty corner, and it held all of my supplies under cover.

Now I have my own space and find it's exciting to organize when it gets too jumbled, which happens when you crop.  The Library of Memories class I'm involved in at present has been awesome for teaching new ways to organize, and I'm adding these slowly to my space.

Please keep in mind this is still in the organizing phase.  I realize it doesn't look that some of those  beautiful, impeccably organized spaces you see online and in magazines.  But it will.  The blue shawl over my chair was a gift from my friend Allison, and when this old house gets drafty, I can just pull it around me without getting up in mid-creation.  The blue bucket was a gift from my friend Debbie.  It says, "When I get to croppin' there's no stoppin'.  Cut, eh?  The globe with little scrapbooks under it was a gift I won at one of our unit's "Dirty Santa" games.  I love it.  It keeps bits of paper and messages safe.

All of the gorgeous built-in shelves my DH made are not filled yet.  We have many more books to move in.  We're taking our time and purging -- donating some to the library -- because we have way too many. 

My work-in-progress magnified.  Time goes way too fast when I'm in this space.

These pages show the 2008 scrapbook retreat.  No, I am not behind.  Stacy Julian said we don't ever need to say that, because we crop what we want when we want to.  So I have more recent photos scrapped. 

My other, very spiritual places is the old chair by the window with my books close at hand.  This chair belonged to DH's aunts and is very old.  It's seen better days, but I love it.  It's really comfy too.  The light from the window affords these getting-old eyes of mine, and I like that I can pull a book off the shelves anytime I want.  It's also a good place to sit with my laptop.  I also get cards ready to mail, pay bills, and other stationery tasks here.  Thus the box of envelopes and boxes of cards, which don'tt look too organized, do they?

My old, completed scrapbooks are in this section of the shelves, but soon to be moved down to the other end, due to the sun probably fading them from the western exposure of the window.  When the sun sets, this area is ablaze with color.

So where is your "sense of space" in your current home, wherever that may be?  Wherre can you retreat inside yourself, if even for just a few moments, and dream, plan, pray, create, or just rest your weary brain?  My daughter takes baths instead of showers.  I used to do this too, but lately life has gotten just too hectic, and seems I'm always in a hurry.  There's a lot to be said about long, fragrant, maybe candlelit baths.  Hmm, maybe I'll try one tonight. 

Leave your comments below.  I'd like to have some inspiration for my space.  Perhaps you have some ideas for me.  Keep in mind I'm a born messsie, and keeping things neat does not come natural to me.


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