Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Memory

A digi layout of me and my beloved Grandma on Easter 1954.  The photo is pretty old and was stored in an old box where my Mom kept all of the pictures.  I do remember those pink shoes I wore that year.  The day after Easter I wanted to wear them to school, and Mom said no; they were for Sunday and dress-up.  I begged, and she finally gave in.  I was so proud of those shoes. 

Don't you love my Grandma's shoes?  She was always--and I do mean always--dressed beautifully.  She took impecable care of her clothes.  She had a spring coat and a winter coat and stored the out-of-season one in a quilted, zip-up bag hanging in the closet with moth balls.  Her shoes were always shined.  She changed purses to match her shoes.  In this pic she is wearing a jacket she loved.  She wore it on special occasions. 

Grandma lived on social security but managed to hit the department store sales on a regular basis.  She never spent a penny that she couldn't afford but sported her elegant appearance on the pittance she paid for her wardrobe.  She was a proud woman.  Other than seeing her in the morning when she got out of bed or at night when she washed and creamed her face, one never saw her without makeup.  Just sitting in her favorite chair watching television, she wore a crisp, clean housedress with silk stockings rolled down with garters and houseslippers--and her face was completely made up.  Anyone who knocked on her door, she was able to greet and invite into her sparkling, perfectly organized small apartment.

Grandma was my hero!

And I was her favorite grandchild...and everyone in the family knew it. 

Happy Easter to you all and...



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