Thursday, July 29, 2010

Making Books & Journals

Appears I've been on vacation a few weeks.  Kinda, sorta.  Actually did spend a few days with a close friend, just hanging out. 

A lot of the time, though, I've been laying back at home and enjoying summer.  Well, not enjoying the intense heat here in Tennessee, but, still, it's summer.  Lots of fresh tomatoes from the garden, and pair that with pasta, and it's all good. 

Mostly, I've allowed myself time to "think," mull things over.  Sometimes we can push ourselves to the burning other end of the candle and forget what's really important in our lives.  I think that's what's best about vacations...IF we allow ourselves to be alone with our thoughts for a while. 

I've also thought and meditated on my "Creative Pursuits."  Literally.  Not just my blog but my own personal creativity.  I've been journaling a lot, more than regular, about this subject.  What is motivating me?  I've asked that question in my journal. 

I both journal in my scrapbook albums and the one that sits on my nightstand.  Sometimes I write in the small notebook I carry in my purse.  Much of what I journal, I transfer to my albums along with photos.  Personal journaling is a tremendous boon to creativity in any craft, not just scrapbooking.  A lot of artists journal to uncover the beauty of the project at hand. 

Some people journal to make sense of chaos all around them, to figure things out.  I do that regularly.  Like having a conversation with myself on paper when I'm trying to make a decision.  Do you journal?  How does it help you?  Leave a comment. 

I love to make my own journals and books.  Anything from covering a cheap composition book with paper or fabric and decorations to actually making them from scratch, folding the cardstock and sewing it, pasting and gluing.  The process bring out the child in me. 

To the left is a travel journal I created several years ago.  Not in 2004, though.  My camera decided to date it all by itself, and I never got around to cropping the photo.  This is one of those cheap compo books, which I made inside pockets for, where I could slip such items as maps, tickets, etc., into.  I wrote directions on the pages and journaled everywhere we went.

This is the inside, showing the pocket and the first page where I'd sketched  out our itinerary.

This is a concertina book with pocket pages and sewn with thick thread, leaving enough to wrap around the closed book. 

This little journal was made with thick decorative scrapbook paper for the cover, with plain unlined white paper inside.  If you remember making "book covers" for schoolbooks, then you will know how to make the cover of this journal.  Same theory.   It too is wrapped with a cord, or thick thread, and wound around a hot-glued, large button, with a smaller glass button at the knotted end. 

Again, a plain composistion book covered with decorative scrapbook papeer, with a pocket on the front for my scissors.   The penguin logo square and the bookmark inside the pocket were made by a scrapbook sister who attends our retreats.

If you have some homemade books or journals you'd like to show, please leave me a comment or email, and we'll get the photos and instructions on the blog.  I could use some new ideas.

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