Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22nd Page, Stitch, and Meal

Unfortunately I'm still off the leg and on my butt as Thangsgiving draws nearer and nearer.  For the curious, I slipped and fell on the evening of November 12th at a restaurant.  Even more unfortunate, I fell on the knee that I'd broken in December 2000, and while my orthopedist says the fall did not injure the hardware inside the knee, it did pull a ligament, and I'm wearing an immobilizer, staying off of the leg, icing throughout the day and keeping it elevated. 

Gary sawed off an old cane that was too tall for me, so now I don't have to use the crutch.  An improvement.

When I return to the doctor in a couple of weeks, we'll see how I'm doing then.  The plan is to avoid surgery.  Hopeful here.

So I have time to do the page and stitch challenge I've imposed on myself.  In fact, I should be churning out a lot more than I am, but laying on one's bum all day isn't what it's cracked up to be.  Depression causes one to stare at the boob tube for countless hours. 

The cooking part is rough, but I'll have some input every day to share, one way or the other.

I'm writing my article for Women's for next week, "The Soundtrack of Your Life," and I did my page working on that. 

I also got all of my digital photos organized and ready to send for prints and backed them up to my flash drive, which was a little overdue.  Okay, a lot overdue.  Worked on the digi scrapbook layouts for the ebook for Women's Memoirs.  That was fun.  I already had a  good deal of them finished, some of which I changed a bit, and created a cute one showing me back in the 70s as a hippie.  Lovely.

I finished my knitted washcloth and now ready to start some cute wool caps for the grandkids. 

Hubbs Gary and son Eric are cooking these days of course (we had chili tonight), but I did sit on a stool at the bar today and organized all of my gluten-free flours for bread making.  Tomorrow I'll allow myself to ambulate just a bit to whip up a loaf of white rice bread and possibly some biscuits (found a great recipe using cottage cheese instead of all of the shortening--I'll use ricotta). 

These breads will be used, along with cornbread, for the Thanksgiving stuffing.  I'll be using the recipe for cornbread from the back of the Quaker yellow cornmeal box, using my rice flour mix instead of wheat flour.  I'd like to add some orange zest -- got this from my Bette Hagman's Gluten Free Gourmet cookbook, which was the first really good source for cooking without gluten.  She is truly a pioneer. 

Gary transferred the huge 26-pound bird from freezer to frig today, which signals the countdown. 

I so want a pumpkin pie right now I can hardly stand it.  A huge, thick slice topped with whipped cream -- real whipped cream made in my stand mixer, not the frozen stuff.  I may end up opening a can of pumpkin puree and eating it right out of the can.

Oh, another thing I did today was add a couple of rss feeds to my home page, including the "Gluten-Free Goddess" blog.  That girl can create beautiful food as well as write mouth-watering descriptions. Definitely a keeper.

Okay, I'm legal now.  I've logged in what I accomplished toward my Page, Stitch, and Meal.



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