Saturday, December 18, 2010

Craft Journal Entry

What I've Been Up To. 

Youngest granddaughter wants a Baby Alive.  When I got her, I couldn't find any decent baby doll clothes, and I wanted a cute Moses-type basket to carry her in along with her diapers and bottle, etc.  Also it's winter out there.  She was dressed  in a little flimsy sundress.  No shoes. 

So I knitted Baby A. an ensemble -- a hat, sweater, and booties.  Then a pink basket, and made a colorful blankie from fleece.  This was fun!

And here is the cute hat I made for Granddaughter!  This was so easy. 

Read Spoon Fed:  How Eight Cooks Saved My Life.  This was a great read!  Written by Kim Seversen, Food Editor for New York Times.  The stories of early life in her big family around the old oak table brought back lots of food memories for me, and I've decided I love these types of books most of all.  The author's mother is an authentic Italian, and there are some awesome recipes in the book along with the stories.  Authentic pasta sauce and the kinds of meat is used along with the sauce.  Not just plain old ground beef meatballs.  I hung out with three Italian sisters as a teenager along with having lots of good Italian cooks in our neighborhood, and it became my favorite food.  Oh, yes, I was called "Betty Spaghetti." 


I posted a fun piece on Women's recently.  "The Soundtrack of Your Life."  Part 1:  I Remember the Music.

I'll bet you can recall events from your life when you think back to the hit songs of the times.  I had a good time writing this.  This week -- Thursday -- will be "Voices From the Past," so check it out.

Christmas is upon us.  Can't believe it's only a week away.  I'm a Christmas Believer.  I love the magic, the goodwill, the peace of Silent Night.


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