Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crafts of Cooking...Gluten Free

Think about all of the crafts you enjoy everyday.  Are you a mom?  The craft of motherhood.  Sew, quilt, scrapbook, knit, crochet, even reading.  The craft of...  You fill in the blank. 

The Craft of Writing.  My favorite. 

Today I'm using the writing craft to tell about another craft I enjoy--Cooking.  And because I have a family member, my youngest son, who has Celiac disease, I have the challenge of cooking without the grains of wheat, rye, graham, and a lot of sneaky ingredients they slip into foods on the grocery shelves.  I have to read labels, which means I have to have my glasses with me. 

Did you know every can of soup on the shelves has "wheat flour" in it, either as a thickener in cream soups or in the noodles.  Remember pasta is made from wheat. 

I'm close to creating the perfect gluten-free piecrust.  It's been a long "journey to find."  (i.e., my blog name "journey2f") or sometimes it's "journey to faith," faith that I will make it work in the end.

One of my favorite sites is The Gluten-Free Girl, and I stumbled onto a reader's comment there about a wonderful pie crust recipe was from the Wild Oats Marketplace, which was on  Go to for the recipe.  I made the Schmidt Family Chocolate Chip Pie several days ago with this crust.  It's tender and flaky, sort of like shortbread.  My gluten-free boy, Jeff, likes apple pie best of all.


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