Saturday, January 8, 2011

Scrap Knit Scarf

Finished this scarf yesterday, using a lot of leftover yarns in my basket.  Used #15 needles, so it knitted up in a couple of days using plain old stockinette stitch.  Length is 5-1/2 feet, just right for husband Gary.  He said it was so warm, he had to take it off once.  Most of the scraps are Lion Brand. 

What I love about knitting:  I do it in the morning while I watch the Today Show for a little bit while I sip my coffee.  During this time, I keep my notebook open because I think of things I need to remember to do during the day, calls to make, errands, deadlines, new writing ideas.  Once my mind can't come up with anything else to jot down, I go do something else. 

I love the frugality of making handmade gifts.  Plus nothing says love like something you made especially for someone. 

Now I'm making a scarf for a female.  I'm starting to like it so much, it might be for me!  I don't have one.  I got the pattern from the Vogue Knitting Shawls & Wraps.  I'm making the one on the cover.  I didn't have any gold silk yarn in my stash, but I have a soft tan sports yarn I'm using.  This book is awesome.  There is a very pale pink cape I've got my eye on, and a whimsical black ruffled shawl to die for.  You might try your library for the book.  Ours had it.  But now I'll buy it because it's so a keeper.

Vogue Knitting Shawls & Wraps


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