Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ebook Out Today!

What an exciting morning here at our house when we woke up!  We viewed my new ebook on the computer monitor.  Scrapbooking + Memoir = ScrapMoir: 7 Steps to Combining Your Photos, Your Memoirs, Your Stories

I'm really proud of this project and thankful for all the help from the two lovely ladies at Women's Memoirs who made it happen and a cool design man who helped.

I've already sent the link to all of my followers here on Craft Writers Journal, and want all of my other readers here, on Facebook and Twitter to receive my book. 

It's simple to get my free book, a $7.50 value.  Just click here on this site to be a follower, and I'll send you the link to your free book.  Easy Peasy! 

Another benefit of following here is being able to get half off  the price of my next ebook, Memories in Order, my work in progress which explains all of the ins and outs of photo storage, organization, scrapbooking, writing family stories, ancestry, archival methods, plus links to the best vendors and suppliers as well as providing you with photos of techniques and layouts.  Also included in Memories in Order will be guided instructions in creating your own free Scrapbooking Blog on the internet.

So go ahead, if you are new here, and click to follow on the right, and soon you'll have my free ebok to enjoy..and maybe get you started on your very own project of saving your memories!


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