Sunday, April 17, 2011


Yesterday was a Creations Day.  Rainy and dreary, not a good garden day.

A good day to work on my Spring "Poppy Beanie," I've shown here several times. I'm working on the flowers now.  So far, I've created four and used my pearl pins to stick them various places until I get to the craft store to buy sequins and beads.  I kinda like the pearls though, yes? 

I used lightweight yarns in lavender, green, and blue, and a fluorescent-like green silk ribbon.  The pattern calls for an antique type beaded flower, and I own several from my vintage-costume-jewelry phase some years back.  I'm also considering beading a flower myself. 

Yesterday was also Create-a-Cookie Day here.  Of course, all foods are Gluten-Free in this house because of son Jeff.  I found a Linzer Torte GF cookie recipe online and made a batch of them, using my husband Gary's homemade strawberry jam.  Yummy.  These turned out so deliciously good!

Today I'm switching knitting needles to the ones holding the soft white cotton bedspread I've been dying to knit for years.  When it's finished, I'll embroider some flowers atop and finally enjoy it on my bed.  Unless I give it to someone of course.  That usually always happens here.

Also today, I'm working on an old-fashioned Sunday Chicken Supper, which is doing nicely in the oven. 

Later this evening I'll work on my Family History Book.  I've got new ideas for stories to write.  

Life here is all about creating.   

What have you been creating?  Got pictures? 


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