Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Dress & Tiara from Somewhere Over the Rhine

My 1963 First Wedding
Adjusting Dad's Bowtie
Page Layout from my Somewhere Over the Rhine: One Family's Memoir

I got up yesterday later than I'd planned.  Instead of 4 am, the clock's digital reading of 5:30 jolted me out of bed.  Yikes!!  Kate and William were probably already hitched. 

I was right.  And I so wanted to see the first glimpse of "The Dress!" 

Of course, they re-ran the scenes over and over throughout the day, and I did get to see in "real time" the rest of the ceremony, but I felt a little let down because I lingered in slumberland too long.

I loved the dress, by the way.  The more I saw it, the more perfect it became.  And the tiara--how simple and elegant was that?

I've had two weddings.  The first one was in 1963 and took place in St. Monica's Catholic Cathedral, a high mass ceremony.  No royalty certainly associated, but high tradition. 

Yesterday reminded me of that long-ago July morning as I watched the awe and splendor inside Westminster Abby.  The "Lord's Prayer," was even in the old Catholic tradition, using the original words.

I enjoyed the wedding.  Even made a royal fruitcake for the occasion, though the only fruit was oranges.  Had two oranges that I used for zest and thought it logical to slice the fruit later for an Orange Upside Down Cake. 

I've given all of the first wedding photos to my oldest daughter except for the few including my own family. The above image of me and my father is special, and while memories of the actual marriage have faded, sweet, heartfelt events from the past have grown in importance.

I wore the long, flowing gown, the tiara and veil in '63.  In 1987, I wore an ivory silk suit.  Instead of a veil, a strand of seed pearls in my hair.  The second marriage took. 

I hope Prince William and his beautiful bride's wedding takes too.  I want them to be happy. 

History in the making yesterday, and I witnessed it.  Another memory of my life on this earth.


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