Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Still True Journey

Originally, I think back in 1997 or so, I'd named this blog "Journey to Faith," and the entirety of those early posts are here in the archives.  I was even contacted last year about permission to post one of the very early ones I'd written on Running the Good Race."  I was overjoyed. 

It is still about a journey.

I've learned so many new crafts since I started this blog.  I've taken my writing and actually started doing something with it.  I've met so many awesome people online throug my blog, and I've been honored to see and read creative works of art from other bloggers. 

And my faith has grown as I've journey towards it.

Today I'm interested in working in my spring, rather still chilly, garden...if I can.  I've been sick this past week, in the midst of helping my granddaughter prepare for her wedding, which I can't even attend.  Multiple issues.

If warm sun rays come over my home, I may be able to go outside for a bit and tinker a little.  Healing power right in my own back yard.

If not, I'm knitting one of the most amazing pieces I've ever seen.  Actually, I've got three projects on the needles, so I can go back and forth at will.  (A bedspread made of huge white cotton triangles that when sewn together will have delicate embroidery on some of the triangles.  And a pair of light green summer socks.

Poppy Beanie
Louisa Harding
Originally published in
Knitting in the Details
(Interweave, 2010)
I love this Spring Hat.  My colors are just a little different than the pattern, but close.  I'm using a silky lavender, a soft mossy green, and a blend of like colors in a silky sports yarn.  Probably Berroco in my stash.
Writing is also on the slate for today, having not had the energy to do much the last couple of days.  Somewhere Over the Rhine's deadline is looming, and I've still got a ton to do, including taking a trip to the well known downtown Cincinnati Public Library, in my home town.  For ancestry searches, this place rocks.
Also have a post due next week for Women's Memoirs
Oh, I'm not finished.  A half-year's worth of digitals to send for print, some updates to scrapbooks, two books for review...which means finish reading them.  And those seeds are just sitting there staring at me, wondering if I will get them into their trays to start for summer planting.


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