Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Love These Scrapbook Products!!

"You're Gonn Love This Club," is what the brochures say.  Club Scrap, you are so point on.

My first "pizza box" arrived four days after order. 

I wasn't expecting such quick service.

While I was still in awe of the beauty inside that first box, my next order of the greeting card kit arrived  within three days of order.

I am a happy girl at play!!!
I'm ready for this.  Neat and tidy instructions for using every item of the large, awesome kit.  I don't have to follow the plan of course; I can use the paper -- oh, the paper!!! -- any way I wish.  I can place those metal keys on any layout I want.  I can put them in a frame and hang them on my wall.  But after 13 years of scrapping, I like this a lot.

The white binder is so cute!  The Fonts & Headlines, "Word Art," pictured above can be copied and used over and over.  Drooled over the "Fly like buttah" circle embellishment.  Got some creation stuff in my head going on.

The May kit, "Papillon," stencil is the butterfly. 
 Ink or colored pencils, paint, markers--that butterfly is shouting, "Come Decorate Me!"
Making Cards ~~ Yay! 
Like, I don't want to spend a whole day on just one or two cards, you know? 
And when someone opens the envelope, I want them to think my cards are beautiful, inspiring.

Above pic shows the cards I've made so far. In about an hour-and-a-half

Next step is to make a cool box with dividers for my know, Birthday, Anniversary, Congrats, Sympathy, etc. 

Yes, I'm going to make my own box!  And decorate it with some of my to-die-for Club Scrap paper. 

My Scrapbooking Self is excited again...and, as Stacy Julian says, "This is Big!"


Which reminds me,  Stacy's Photo Freedom class is coming up.  I'm taking it again as an alumni member. 

 If you only took one class in your life, this is the one.  A rooftop experience.

This class rocks your scrapbooking world!

Originally called "Library of Memories," this year is Back to Photo Freedom, from Stacy's book, Photo Freedom.  Includes and meshes nicely with the Digital World of photos and scrapbooking.

More on this to come...


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