Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3 Friday's Daybook


Strawberries linger in the field. Not for long. 

Outside my window...My kitchen garden.  Need to pull remaining cold weather crops...spinach, collards.  Set more onions and non-bolting lettuce.  Plant the poppy seeds my friend sent me and the Rosa Bianca eggplant and Scarlet Runner Beans.

I am thinking... of our visit to hometown Cincinnati next week.  Getting my family history notebook and laptop files organized for Downtown Library research.  Email family when we will see them.  Going home.  Thinking of going home.

I am thankful for...feeling so much better than I was early part of the week.  Energy slowing returning. 

From the kitchen...for Friday dinner, maybe grilled cheese (Granddaughter Erica's fave) oven fries, and salad.  Plan Sunday church lunch.  Buy groceries today.

I am today using ClubScrap kit, Greetings to Go-- Jeff, Erica, and I, later today--maybe evening.

I am library with Jeff and Erica this afternoon, then getting milkshakes YUM, some groceries, a few summer wardrobe things for Jeff and Erica.

I am reading...the rest of yesterday's "Finding Photo Freedom" classwork for the week on Big Picture Scrapbooking site--click "This is Big" top of left sidebar.
I am hoping...that I don't have to take any more medicine.  I feel free now, calm, and good.  Don't want to relapse.  Praying.  Please, God.

Around the house...pretty good order.  Sweep kitchen floor and mop.  Oh!  Cabinet maker comes tomorrow to talk about kitchen makeover.  Can't wait for new cabinets and countertops.  And new stove and dishwasher.  It's been long in coming, and I am so ready.  Dream come true.

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