Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bullet Lists for Writing Scrapbook Stories

I'm a scrapbooker who loves to write.  I'm a storyteller.

But not everyone likes to write.

As a scrapbook consultant for eleven years, getting people to write on their pages was the biggest obstacle of all.  Well, getting organized was right up there too.  But that's another post.

When I'm writing anything--a family story for my memoir, a blog post, an essay or story for publication--I use bullet lists as outlines before I actually write the content.

I learned when I was a kid the fine art of outlining.  You know, those Roman-numeral, indented, long lists English teachers loved so much.  Over the years, though, I came up with my own style of outlining which is short and sweet.

Using a simple bullet list can actually tell the story.  So for those who freeze up when they stare at the blank scrapbook page, try bullet listing the individual parts of the story behind the photo.


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