Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where Do We Turn in Our Mom Badge?

Yesterday I read on someone else's blog a review of a book I knew I wanted.  Just from the title.  Writing Motherhood, by author Lisa Garrigues.

I can tell you right now.  I love this book.  I got inspired just by reading the contents page.  And that's a good thing.

Because I was about ready to turn in my Mom Badge.

You know, the one they pin on you the moment you realize you've conceived.

A big family means there's always an emergency.  And I am "Mom" to a big family.

The trick is handling the crises with grace and class.  Not always so easy.

And still have time and energy for whatever "work" you've chosen.  And we all must have work of some type.  Outside of the duties of Motherhood.  "Work" in this sense means what you do as a person, not as solely a mom or a wife.

My work includes not only writing, because it's what I feel I'm called to do, but also volunteering, because I can and I want to.  This is my work now.

Work used to be leaving my home and going somewhere to perform various duties for a salary.  That was when the children were younger.  It was hard to squeeze everything in then, but I was young too.  Youth trumps it all.

Before I retired to write, I was a freelance court reporter with an office in my home, and my work situation now is similar.  People just don't get that because you are at "home" you don't work.  Everyone, including spouses and children some days, see you as a free agent who is available at all times simply because you do not go out the door to a job everyday.

Let me just say here, whoever invented voicemail was a genius.

So finding a book like Writing Motherhood is a win for me.  Here's a Writer Mom who's found some gold in them thar hills of self-employed at home.  We want more than just squeezing a few precious hours into our family schedules.  We want to be good at the Mom part as well as keeping the home fires burning.

We want to plan sensible schedules, provide a peaceful, beautifully decorated, organized atmosphere for our family as well as healthy home-cooked meals.

Not only that, but I want to also "grow" the food for my well-stocked pantry and freezer.   I want to create gifts and treasures with my mixed media of yarns, ribbon, fabric, scrapbooks, beads and baubles.

Worker Moms wear many aprons.

No matter what choice of work we choose.

As a Blogger-Writer Mom, Writing Motherhood is a double delight of tips for keeping it all together and inspiration for what we write.  That's how this blog post was conceived.

And having another book on my Kindle stack, for a reading junkie like me, is icing on the cake.


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