Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your Personal Fairy Tales

Sunday night I watched the premiere of  ABC's new TV show, Once Upon a Time.  The programs I don't like on the tube heavily outweigh those I do like, so I was surprised that I got caught up in this reenactment of Snow White with some interesting--and humorous--side trips.

The real-life story played alongside the fantasy captured my attention, and I'm looking forward to the continuing  Sunday-night saga.  I already care what happens to the characters.  I want to see justice triumph, watch both the real and fairy-tale wicked witches go down. As they always do in fantasy.

I applaud ABC for the creative talent at work here.

Then yesterday morning, I opened my email, and as I ran down the list spotted my Story Circle Network's weekly newsletter, "Women's Wise Words A Week's Worth of Writing Prompts."  Surprise!  This week's subject.  Fairy Tales.  

Fairy tales are like a pair of glasses—not the rose-colored kind that make everything look wonderful, but the kind that bring reality into focus. Like good bifocals, they help us discern the way the world really is up close, without losing the biggger picture of the way the world was intended to be... The world of fairy tales sharply reveals that what we see around us is not all there is... Fairy tales offer hope. And hope, like nothing else in the world, inspires us and motivates us to keep going ~ Nicole Johnson

Then the writing prompts for the week, including the one I pick.
Do you have a fairy tale within you?  If so, this would be a good week to start putting it down on paper...crafting it so that it brings reality into focus but holds fast to the concept of how life could be. ~ by Lee Ambrose 

As a lifewriter, a family historian and memoir writer, maybe I'm the feminine role in Hansel and Gretel, leaving crumbs of where I came from, so I can find my way back.

Sufficiently engaged with this concept now, I look to Amazon to see what has been written on this subject.  I find Spinning Straw into Gold: What Fairy Tales Reveal About the Transformations in a Woman's Life.  Perusing the Contents page, which is the first thing I do when examining a promising read, chapter titles like Beauties and Beasts:  Looking Love in the Face promise interesting ideas to prompt more writing in a new territory for me.

Okay now.  A new writing focus emerges.  What fairy tales embody your life?  What direction will these mythical stories take your writing?  Leave a comment, please.


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