Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Photos as Story Starters...Almost Wordless Wednesday

Sorting through old photos day.

Circa 1948, Grandpa's Morrow, Ohio Farm...Step-Grandmother Elva
Looking around corner holding baby.  On Steps, me holding sister
Phyllis, and is that cousin Ronnie?  Toby?  

Grandma Dean with arm around her mother?  Seems likely...
Great Grandmother Maria Weber Wehrle.  From my
Aunt Dorothy's collection.  Circa 1920

Very old photo of Hughes High School, my Alma Mater, when it was
much more modern looking, in 1961.  Photo from

Vine Street, two block away from our home at 2606 Sander Street,
in Corryville, where Phyllis and I used to walk to almost every
day just to window shop and browse through the "Dime Store."
Where I bought my paper dolls when someone gave me a dime to spend.
Location of the public library, where I hung out for hours upon hours.


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