Friday, May 24, 2013


 Yes, I'm working on the book.

It doesn't look like it, but I do need some new dishcloths.  And other yarn projects too.  These pretty cloths come from Life After Laundry, Brenna, a frugal mom's site.

While I crochet these cute household products, I'm thinking.  Thinking about the book formatting, and the last chapter which I'm not happy with.  And the cover art and...

Well, I need to knit and crochet while I sort these things out in my head.  I do that best when I have yarn in my hands.  If my fingers aren't on the keyboard, they need to be holding needles or hooks.

This is my messy nightstand.  Sometimes I work on my bed.  When I need quiet and a private place to think.  Sometimes I write in a notebook...several notebooks, instead of the laptop.  

I work on long-term and short-term projects.  If I need to process small stuff in my head, I like to whip up a quick crochet cloth.  If I need to stew for a longer time to figure something out, I grab the Tiramisu blanket I'm crocheting.  I have another one I'm knitting.

I'm especially pleased with the Tiramisu blanket, pattern from Ravelry by Alicia Paulson.  So beautiful and simple, and an awesome process aid.  I've solved several difficult writing problems with the Tiramisu blanket.  Other life problems too.

When you need to process stuff, give yourself the gift of a few pretty and practical dishcloths and maybe for the hard stuff of life, try a Tiramisu blanket.


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