Friday, March 28, 2014

Tasks as Appointments

I love lists.  To-do lists, shopping lists, cleaning lists... I just don't like doing the things on my lists.  However, the lists look nice on my planner pages.

Back in my Franklin Covey days, as a busy court reporter, I remember taking my to-do tasks and scheduling them in time slots on my daily calendar.  Covey's task priority numbers and the "4 quadrants" didn't work for me.  Everything I tried was really just more work and time that I couldn't spare.

The coolest thing about writing my tasks in with my appointments back then was that I naturally accomplished them throughout the day...because they were on my calendar.

Fast forward to now.  A busy farm lady, growing much of my own food and filling my pantry and freezers, running this crazy household with lots of animals and muddy boots, grandkid weekends and homeschooling one through the week, researching family history, and writing and blogging.  And knitting, if I find a few quiet moments.

And I have to say at this point that I have ADD and I am a very visible learner, and seeing things I need to do on my daily calendar makes a whole lot more sense to me.

Tasks that I don't want in a time slot go on that list somewhere on the page so I can notice them and, if I have a notion, do them.  If not, they move to the next day and might go in a time slot there.

The thing is, I have a harder time ignoring anything on my calendar than on a list. 

My DIYfish daily pages are perfect for my system; they are probably perfect for most visual people. They are also good for creative people who like to tweak things to their liking, and this is the real beauty of the system.

I think I'll stick with this Tasks as Appointments for a while and see if it works as good as it has the last few days.  I feel a lot more successful at the end of the day!


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