Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Filofax on the Farm: OneBookJuly2014

#OneBookJuly2014...is almost over!   

It's been an eye-opener for me.  Just One Small Book and One Pen for the month of July.  Going in I thought it would be so easy because I use only one book always.  I have a small collection of books in different sizes, but I only work out of one at a time, and it goes everywhere with me and serves as my wallet.

I was comfortable in my main Filofax, the Personal Chocolate Aston up to this time.  Also I'd just gotten a Personal Purple Malden to see if it was better because, of course, with all the raves over that one binder I figured I'd always wonder.  But after a month in the Malden I had to go back to my Aston.  I am forever an Aston groupie.

 However, in June, I switched to my little Brown Pocket Kensington just for a change from the ordinary, so I was ready for a OneBookJuly.  It was the only book I was using.  Aston was getting a shelf vacation.  And the Kensington is a really sweet little binder.

Since November 2013, I'd been using DIYFish LifeMapping inserts in my Aston, so I bought and printed out the pocket version and suited Kensington up real nice and functional.  I was thrilled with how my little book turned out.  I was ready for the challenge.


There's always a but, isn't there?  

Other OneBookJuly challengers started posting and YouTubing their little Moleskines and Midori's and Fauxdories, and I had to check out that option.

Enter little Pink Moleskine.

I printed another set of  DIYFish July inserts but of course didn't punch holes.  It was easy to fold the pages and slip them into my little notebook, and I loved putting the whole thing together.  


Of course, I became envious of the 'Dories.  I'd decided early on when the Midori wave came on the planner scene that I didn't know what I'd use one for.  After all, Aston and I were doing just fine.  I still wasn't sure what I'd do with a Midori but I needed to know.  

Just like I had to test the Malden to convince myself I wasn't missing out on something.  

Not wanting to spend money on another leather product that would just get a space on my shelves, I cut down a black faux-leather DayTimer agenda cover I'd had for years and knew I'd never use.  The cool thing was that it had the pockets on the ends where the notebook's covers slid.  When I turned the cover upside down, the pockets were on the bottom on both sides.  Perfect.

My FauxDori turned out to be 4" x 7" instead of the A5 size, but just about perfect size for my DIYFish personal inserts, which I printed and slid between a homemade cardstock notebook.

This is how I'm ending my OneBookJuly2014, in what I call my "Farm-Dori," since I do more planning and organizing for the farm than anything else.  Seed ordering and starting, planting times, food harvesting and storing, canning and freezing, as well as animals, etc., etc.

Hubs, Gary, was testing his calligraphy pen on the back of an envelope, which I confiscated for
my Farmdori.  

Oh, my one pen was, first, an American Craft Purple, which broke.  I switched to my favorite Bic 4-Color--purple, green, aqua, and pink.  I love everything about it.

So now I know how I would use a -Dori, and Hubs went to Tandy Leather Company and bought a very lovely cream colored roll to make some real Farmdories.  


every day I take my Aston off the shelf and flip through its pages.  It is after all my Forever Filofax.


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