Saturday, August 16, 2014

My August Planner Setup. Running the Farmhouse and Time to Play

Meet my "Personal" Size Farmdori, custom-made by my husband- (who takes custom orders) He is currently making all of the normal sized Traveler's Notebooks, but the regular size is too big for my liking.  I want more compact.  But, since not many people make personal sized Dori's and the inserts for them, I've had to do a lot of paper engineering..

I am in love...but how did this happen to a Filofax Farm Girl?

Post OneBookJuly... the July Challenge absolutely gave most of us an eye-opener to what we needed and loved in our planners.  I'm a dyed-in-the-wool one book at a time planner addict.  I need everything in the  book I keep wiith me wherever I go.  

That's not to say, of course, that I don't have many interests.  I do.  The framework for all of my interests is in my one planner.  My writing, for instance, is online.  I write, I print it out, I edit, I change the online copy, etc...

I might glue a picture out of a magazine of a scrumptious looking dish, but the actual recipe is in my kitchen notebook.  

I'm still trying to sell on EBay 15 years worth of scrapbooking products that I will never use -- I totally changed how I scrapbook several years ago, and it doesn't require all this stuff crammed into my craft closet. Finally it's about the photos.  So EBay is a Project.  I note in my planner relevant information I might want to keep on hand..  

I've sold a few of my Filofaxes, and it helps to have a ready flip of the pages to jot down going prices and such as that.

So I discovered during July that I wanted to give myself a month in a Midori type planner and just see if it worked for me.  And that's how I fell in love.  

So Here's What I Got, now that half of August is over!  Are we not perfectionists?

The inside with 2 little Girl of All Work (I think that's who makes them) corner pockets.  The first few pages of my notebook, which is my Common Place  Book, are left blank for some sort of index, if I find I want one.

Books I'm reading and want to read.  Notes of interest about what I read.

This is one of those pages with a magazine clip that is a reminder for me..

Blog planner, copied from Patty Gardner at Homemakers Daily.  She has a great blog.

Just slid in some graph paper, because I like writing on it, and listed all of my blog ideas, notes, dates to post, etc.  Also have a section on writing ideas and notes.

I like my Hubs' little note to me on the left page.  He's a good guy.  I'm lucky.

My "Church" page.  Notes, prayer requests, etc.
Got to have my important phone numbers in case my phone up and dies on me.  It's happened.

This is my Calendar, where it all happens...

DIYF 2014 Yearly Calendar.  I need this to stay on top of everything.  I homeschooled my grandson for a bit until he went back to regular class and this proved to be the best tool I used.  

Planting dates on the farm.  Birthdays.  And of course future dates because I only have the current month in the book.  The yearly calendar is a jewel!

Then some graph paper where I previously made a sort of Bullet Journal (in pencil).  I slid this in front of the bound  monthly calendar to refer to when I plan a new month, and to jog my memory.  You could call it a Brain Dump, because it's kind of like that. .

Also in the front is my Donna Young Household Planner.  Whoever created this--I guess Donna Young--she thinks just like me, because I didn't have to change much.  It even reminds me to clean my coffeemaker.  The Household Planner is in Word.  You can do whatever you want to it.  So concise and simple.  

And, yes, I've done FlyLady, about 10 years ago, and loved it.  My kitchen sink is still shining!  I guess I've just graduated.  I even remember the zones!

My DIYFish inserts in my FarmDori are actually the LMI.v02.2 Personal pages, but of course I don't cut them the normal way nor punch holes.  The paper that doesn't get cut off now acts as an slide-through anchor, making a booklet.  To a few of the pages I had to tape an additional piece of paper to hold the inserts in place on the other side.  If that makes any sense.

First I bought the MTN regular size inserts, but I had to scale them down for personal size.  Which would have been hunky-dory, but the flip sides don't line up when you scale up or down.  I ended up with a way fat bunch of one-sided pages. 

A greuling few days later, and some dead trees, I got what I wanted.  

Like Tracy Reinhardt, a fellow Facebook DIYFish community member I like a lot, I wanted the ring-binder version week that folds over, where you can see your day right alongside your week schedule.  Just a little more paper engineering did the trick.  Think invisible tape.

The above photo demonstrates what I mean by week schedule alongside day page.  

And I am using Day on 2 Pages!  Another thing I like and want to keep.  And you will note I'm using different daily pages, the Amazing Life inserts by the talented creator DIYFish.  I do have the Day on 2 Pages that go with v02.2 inserts, but they are to be printed on personal-size paper.  That was fine when I was using my Filofax, but I just didn't have it in me at this point (I'm canning tomatoes, remember, and any other veggie that will grow) to figure out how to print two pages on letter sized paper.  So I went to my hard drive and pulled up these beauties.  I'm enjoying them a lot every day.

And here you will see my nice pamphlet stitch made with a big needle and some strong cotton thread.  Holds it nice and straight and pretty.

I also spent a few days working on a pocket folder after I watched Pocket Full of Vintage's YouTube video.  After making a successful manilla folder version, I tried making a smaller one with scrapbook paper (not card stock) for less bulk.

Instead of 6 pockets, I have 5 because of the smaller paper.  I'm really pleased with it.

Then I have a plastic card holder and zipper pouch which lives inside my paper folder creation.

That's it.  Any comments or questions, let me know.   And, oh, yes, the having fun part, it's been a blast this past few weeks playing with my planner, in between actually doing my tasks.  

Hmmmm, what will I do for September...maybe, hopefully, stay with my FarmDori.

...or, just maybe, I will try the passport size.  As long as I can have everything in one book.


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