Friday, August 29, 2014

September Ready, a Small Twist

I'm still using the Personal DIYFish v.2.02 in my custom FarmDori Personal.  As mentioned in recent posts, I love the dori's but the regular, or Original, is just too big.  Measuring it against the Personal Filofax pages, it's like an A5 size, and that's too big for me as a One Book person. Life is crazy enough for me, and I need everything in one place...hummm, sounds like a blog I go to a lot.  Ray Blake's, My Life All in One Place.

Therefore, I am using the same setup as August, with one small twist...

 I already said that one of the most important things I must have is that narrow, fold-over week strip.  These past few weeks I've found out I also need the full-page that this slim strip is attached to.  

So many people on the Life Mapping Community Group have posted, "What do you use this page for?"  Well, I use it for Projects:  Householdd and Personal in one column, and the other.  I divide the page in two columns.

I've become pretty fast printing these inserts out for the Midori (MTN--Midori Traveler's Notebook), and all I have to do to get what I want on the left side of the daily pages, is to cut a small strip off the left side of the week strip, which is supposed to be cut anyway, and then tape it to the right side, which slides through the Calendar Notebook.  

The weeks continue to be positioned right after the fold-out monthly calendar.  I don't like them coming in the middle of the daily pages.  Too much trouble, and stacking them at the beginning is no bother.  They fold away when the next week comes, and you can always see the calendar and the month chart.  

A week ago I was stressing how to get this full page spread on the left of my daily pages, so I'm glad that's over.  This will hold me through the month of September, hopefully.  The only other thing I'm stressing about is not having a too-stuffed planner.  Yeah, I know "stuffed" is wonderful, but not for me.  It drives me crazy.  I need maybe one less notebook in my Farmdori...

Oh, well, I'll tackle that later.  This is the start of the Labor Day Weekend.  Please leave comments about anything you want to tell me.  I need all the tips and tricks I can get.


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