Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Big Picture: Yearly Planning

One of my major planning tools is the Current Year Calendar.  I have the DIYFish 1-Year Planner 2014 

The year isn't over yet, but I love adhering different photos as I print them.  I like looking at them and reliving the memories.   

This is Page 1

This year layout is for my Fauxdori -- or "Farmdori," as I like to call it.  It's the personal size, and I'm using a personal size -Dori (actually 4 x 7"), so I print it out and cut just enough off the top and bottom to measure 
7 inches.  Then I follow the fold marks and tape a narrow strip of paper to slide through the front of my stitch-bound DIYFish v.02.2 monthly inserts.  (DO2Pages).  In my last post, I describe why I can't use the MTN (Midori) regular inserts.  Basically because my -dori is smaller, personal size, which is not standard, and scaling the MTN pages down led to problems.

Fish's Yearly Calendar/Planner comes with 4 pages, printed on 2 sheets of paper you will print back to back.  

Page  2 printed on the flip side of the first page 

I homeschooled my grandson for part of the year, second semester, and I used my yearly calendar to keep track of school weeks as well as attendance and what we were working on, notes to myself, etc.  This was 10th grade and there was a lot to cover.  When I homeschooled my youngest special-needs son (don't we all have special needs?) from 7th to 10th grades, I had used a yearly calendar similar to this one of  Fish's. Both times I've planned 9 weeks on and 1 week off, except for Christmas holidays when we usually took 2 weeks.  

I must have a fold-out version for my yearly calendar/planner!

Another thing I did, which I loved, was going according to the Academic Calendar instead of the regular school schedule.  July 1st stated our year, and we ended on June 30th.  This gave us a lot of planning time for trips, outings, sick days (for Mom usually) and anything else we just wanted to do.  

My grandson helped on the farm, taking care of animals, building a chicken house, driving the tractor, planting and harvesting, waching special scienctific TV programs, and gazing through a telescope at the night skies.  All of wich the student can receive credit for.  

...called "Real" Edudation

I also keep a 3-ring binder for assisgnments turned in, most of which are printouts from my grandson's laptop, but some actualy filled-out book tests, as well as anytthing else I wanted to keep.  A folder in my files holds grades, attendance, his credit worksheet, and transcript.

Page 3 is identical to page 2, except it's the last 6 months of the year. I refer to those two pages as "trackers," for obvious reasons.  I didn't print this one out because I am not currently homeschooling.

Then page 4, below, is the block monthly view of all 12 months, where there is room to list dates, birthdays, anything you want.  I only keep a month in my -dori at one time, so this yearly view by month is where I future plan.  In my FF I keep 3 months of pages, so I still use this yearly setup.

In addition, I go back and fill in some dates or notations as they happen.  For instance my husband Gary had 2 serious illnesses all in the space of a month, and I wanted to document these so I have easy access to the dates, what doctors we saw, any important notations.  These types things, illnesses, are on my daily pages, but it's a lot easier to go to my yearly calendar.

When doctors make yearly appointments, which ours like to do, I can write them in then and there with the appointment secretary.  

Since we live by dates of firsts and lasts here on the farm, this yearly view is a must.  Predicted first and last frost dates, when seeds were started in the greenhouse, when to order new seeds.  What date we bought new chickens.  Future occurrences including birthdays mingle in between The Farm dates.  

You will note I don't include cleaning schedules here because I have my handy-dandy DonnaYoung Household Planner, which is so easy for me to use over anything else.  It would be redundant to list those chores somewhere else.

This is just gold as far as planners and calendars go, as far I'm concerned.  Four pages for your entire year.



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