Monday, August 25, 2014

The Weekly Review

Last week was better than every other week this summer...because I made myself be accountable finally!

I've been piddling around with the book too much and not actually getting it closer to finished.  Yeah, yeah, I know it's summer and "the living is easy," and all that.  But Oktoberfest Cincinnati is just around the corner, and wasn't that my deadline?

Well, yeah, it was, but...insert any number of excuses here.  My cousins have heard every excuse known to mankind by now.  They thought a famly history book would take a few months.

And then something really good happened Friday.  I was so sick of being stuck on this last chapter, so I switched gears and went over to Create Space and did a trial run with the rest of the edited chapters.  I faltered a few times, but it wasn't at all like I'd expected from reading other authors' experience.  The process is pretty straightforward.  Not without some minor craziness of course, but you'd almost expect that.  Once I understood the workings of  loading and reviewing and then loading a new file, I felt like the weight of the world had lifted from my shoulders.

I had so feared this part, and I think that slowed me down from finishing.

Even my photos went through without a hitch.  I only had one-- ONE -- thing to correct by the reviewer, and that was one of my photos was too small.

I didn't even get upset...well maybe a little...when right in the middle of reloading the manuscript after corrections, a storm rolled in and zapped the power and took the internet down.  And it stayed down for hours, came back, and then went down for the rest of the night.

But I'd seen my book.  For the first time I'd seen what the last four years of work looked like in book form..  I'm finishing up now and coming 'round the bend.

So this last week's review is good.  In other ways too.

This is a Tomato Summer.  Makes up for last summer for sure.  I have lost count of how many quarts I've canned.  I've been so busy writing that I haven't even put the last batch in the pantry.  They do look pretty sitting on the counter of course.

The rest of the garden is pretty much played out, and it's time for Gary to till up bed number 1 for the fall veggies.

Jeff liked the DIYFish New Pocket inserts, and I will have to take a picture of  his little black planner and post later.  I think working with him in his planner has helped in some ways.

This man/boy of mine sometimes surprises us all.

We've been reading lots of new books this summer, and I'm beginning to see an improvement in his speech.  Not a gigantic improvement, but just enough to feel good about.

He recently had his yearly Survivorship Clinic appointment, and we still wonder what he'd be like if not for the radiation to his brain to nuke the brain tumor..

But we know it does no good to go there.  Just enjoy what is right now.  And he is a blessing.

And moving forward, which is the only way to move, I've used my pumped-up energy seeing my book online to sketch a new plan in the notes section above.  The list gets shorter and shorter.

 I hope next Monday I am reviewing my proofs and anticipating holding a real book in my hands.

And, who knows, I might even have organized the pantry!


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