Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2015 Plans

I'm about ready for 2015, but I've had to give it some thought.  A little more than other years.

Could be that there are so many choices?

My 2015 Goals spread to the left comes from Pocketful of Vintage on YouTube.  I admit my layout here is nowhere near as fancy and pretty, but I wanted to copy the idea, 12 months of goals that I can open my planner and see throughout the year.  I had to sit and meditate a while to figure out my goals.

I might mention here that my Fauxdori, which I made with the help of my talented husband Gary, is a personal size, measuring 4 x 7 closed, or 8 x 7 inches open, which takes Personal Size inserts, with a little bit of craftiness. The regular size Midori is just too big for me, and I love the MTNs so much more than ring-bound binders.  At least for now.

The largest portion of my goals for 2015 is devoted to projects, especially writing. Now that I've finished the first book, I'm itching to finish another.  What a rush that is.

 So an important next booklet in my Fauxdori, or what I like to call my "Farmdori," is my Project section.

I use grid paper for the project plans.

 I don't want a separate project planner, because I'm a one-book kind of a gal.  It all has to be in the one book I carry around everywhere I go.  I admit it's hard to keep  a tidy and slim book if that's the case, so I'm constantly weeding out, at least once a week.  I can't live with bulging at the seams.  I lose focus.

I tried the DIYFish Small Projects insert, actually twice, and it was the first Fish insert I ever used.  I also tried other project planners over the years, and nothing works for me like just a listing of my ideas, a place to flesh out those ideas, and a box to check after I've finished that particular project.

My next section is just a notebook for copying interesting things, notes, etc.  I guess this is my Commonplace Book.  It's plain white paper

Since I use a personal size Dori, I print out DIYFish personal sized calendars and charts, which brings me to my next planner section, Version 2.2 with Day on 2 Pages, which I've been using since it was introduced, and before that I used V. 2.1 with the same layout.  I've become addicted to the fold-out calendar and charts.  This just works for me like nothing else ever has.

This brings me to my next booklet, my DIYFish 2015 Yearly Planner, and the undated Amazing Life monthly calendars printed in gray scale, right before my current month fold-out, charts, and dailies.



The way I insert these into a MTN booklet is to only cut the lenth of the inserts, following the top and bottom cutting lines.  Because, after all, my planner is the same length as the personal size.

But I leave the sides of the inserts as is, because one of those ends is going to slip through the booklet.  Once I determine which side is going to slide through, I cut the excess paper from the other side and either washi or tape it to the slide-through end, leaving the calendar fold-out the way it's supposed to work.

The 2015 Yearly insert I simply folded in thirds as marked and attached an elastic over one of the folds

That brings me to what I "think" I have decided on for my current month with charts and fold-outs.  I'm veering away just a bit from the V2.2 to V3 S2:

I like the horizontal calendar a lot, and I am also liking the week on 1 page probably better than the V2.2 weekly,which I never thought I'd hear myself say.

Note I'm using the Christmas Daily Pages here

The Week on One Page and  bottom half Weekly Chart

This Shows the right side of the pull-through 
of the monthly calendar

This hows my Today marker, which is a Project Life product with a Girl of All Work Tab.  I used washi to cover the holes on the left and added a pull-through to hold it in place.

Every day I move the Today marker and the Week on One Page with the Chart on the right.

Any questions, I will try to help.  I realize it might appear as a little mixed up, but it really does work.

I am waiting a bit more to make sure I want to keep the V3 before committing to the year.

Everyone have a Safe and Joyful Holiday, however you celebrate!


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