Everyone's Special Needs: Jeff is Tired

Jeff is tired.  His Dad says it's because he stays up all night watching videos, but I am just wondering...even when he does get a good night's rest, he is tired.  

What happened to my boy who loved to work?  Is this just maturity that happens to all of us?  

I'm not sure, but I think an appointment with his heart doctor is in order.  The last we knew, he has a very small tear in the patch they placed at 3 months of age, and his doctor said it would probably never cause a problem.  Indeed, a lot of doctors have said the heart murmur is gone.

...but I need to know, now that's almost 26.  

Here he is playing basketball this year.  He can shoot for sure, but passing the ball is a hard thing to teach him.  

We're gearing up for baseball next month, and I think he likes this sport the most, even though it's freezing outside a lot of games.  We go until November, and by that time, the last two years, we were freezing our bee-hinds off.  

Hope my boy is okay, and his Dad is right, he's just acting like a delayed teenager.  We'll see.



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